Catherine Enright – eXO Skin Simple: What motivated you to start your business?

  • I was motivated to start eXO Skin Simple when my brother, who runs a biotech firm, told me about exosomes. Scientists only discovered these tiny vesicles 30 years ago, and as the battery of the stem cell they have rejuvenating powers. We knew we had a new ingredient that was untapped in the skin care market and saw its potential with its multiple healing applications. Scientists are using exosomes to rebuild tissue, so imagine what it can do for your skin? We made sure we infused our natural, clean base the best ingredients from Land, Sea and our human biological (exosomes) we were able to solve that problem. From there eXO Skin Simple was born and our cult following has seen unbelievable results!.

  • Catherine Enright
    eXO Skin Simple

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