Our invitation-only panel of active investors will gather in front of a live audience on Friday, November 3 from 5-8 pm. Emceed by Susan Anton, investors will hear pitches from six outstanding women, who have applied for consideration and been accepted by the 360Karma committee.

  • 6 qualified investors on the panel
  • First round of 10-minute pitches from 6 selected women start-ups
  • Second round is a Q&A with the panel’s top three choices
  • Panel deliberates a final time and makes offers for one to all three of the top participants
  • Recipients will receive $2,500 to over $100,000 in investment funding, and will have the expertise, resources, knowledge and connections of their investment partner as a valuable asset to building their businesses (Panel members may team up to go in together on an investment)

Investors earn a percentage ownership in the selected business – and will use their knowledge and resources to help bolster the start up to success!

Funded winners and their investors will be featured the following day at the Sat 11/4 Live Love Thrive Conference 2017.

After the competition, the winner(s) journey will be taped throughout the year for a DOCUMENTARY WEB SERIES. Highlights from the series will be shown at next year's 2018 Live Love Thrive Conference!

Barbara Boxer, Founder and General Partner of BELLE Capital USA, a venture capital firm that invests in women tech companies will give tips about how to present your ideas to investors



International Television, Film, Theater and Concert Performer





“Vision Without Execution is Hallucination” - Leonardo De Vinci

With less than 5% of traditional funding going to women entrepreneurs- we must create a way to help female business owners get ahead- thus the SHE TANK platform! The successful SHE TANK investor panelists are giving back and paying it forward by funding, mentoring and guiding entrepreneurs in various industries to thrive and succeed.

She Tank will soon be expanding around the country by aligning with an existing women’s organization with chapters around the nation. A web series will capture the events, follow their stories and track their success- to inspire other potential entrepreneurs to go for it! There are women out there with ideas, inventions, cures, concepts in technology, science, entertainment and more, whose projects and ventures would not flourish or come to fruition without this support. SHE TANK is Women Helping Women to create an abundant, purpose driven, and fearless life of doing what they love, resulting in contributions that will make the world a better place.


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